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Outdoor Snack

Often one of the first questions I ask is “how is your digestion?” Proper digestion is central to good health in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Good gut health will lead to deeper sleep, increased energy, and better mood. Stomachs that are working harmoniously can reduce bloat and upset stomach, and ease digestive issues. I truly believe the key to good digestive health is through keeping the Middle Burner operating at 100 degrees. Ask me at your next visit if you have not heard me talk about the stomach being like a crock pot. Sometimes, though, we all need a bit of extra support - and that's where Chinese herbal medicine can help.

I have many favorite formulas but this one is all about the stomach.  In this formula there are herbs that help “descend” food in the case of overeating, and half of which help to remove “dampness” and “heat” and treat “deficiency”.  This formula was traditionally used to support people with chronic digestive issues.

Here are 5 reasons to always keep this formula on hand:

1) Gut reset

We get it - it’s easy to let your health get sidetracked.  It might start by grabbing a salad-to-go, followed by ordering a pizza for dinner, and the next thing you know, you start to feel bloated and lethargic.  It’s time for a hard reset.

2) Travel

Travel can throw off our routines.  Those of us who try to eat healthy most days can find that more difficult when we travel.  Vacations often lead to more eating out, throwing off the digestive balance. 


3) Holiday season is almost here!!!

The time of year for over indulging.  The herbs in this formula help move food, preventing food stagnation, you can take them after a big meal to help ease the discomfort. 

4) In place of your usual “Over-the-Counter” support

As a community, we’re starting to think more critically about what we’re consuming.  Is it plant based? Is it made of whole foods? Is it GMO and does it have additives? Again, taking after eating to support the digestive system and move the food you consume down through the digestive system.

5) Bloating

In Chinese medicine theory, bloating is (again) a result of stagnant food.  Keeping food moving helps to reduce stagnation. However, if your bloating is related to the premenstrual phase of your cycle, other formulas may be a better fit - that’s typically the case of Qi stagnation and moving the Qi will move your digestive system.

Want to give this a try or have some on hand when in need of a little support? Text or call and we can go over a personal plan for digestive needs.

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