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I treat most internal medical challenges with Eastern Asian Herbal formulas, some suppilments, dietary recommendations along with lifestyle changes. Untreated organ imbalances can lead to more serious psycho emotional challenges like depression, anxiety, and mania.  In Eastern Asian Medince, there is no separation of mind and body, but diagnosis and treatment require a comprehensive knowledge of all bodly systems.

Working with the Five Element theory gives a deeper understanding of what is going on inside the body which makes it easier to get to the core of the issue.  To understand how this might be applied, take a person experiencing problems with asthma. Asthma is a Metal (Lung) condition sometimes with an underlying psychological component of grief or sadness. From a five element perspective, Asthma may present as a phlegm-damp condition. Through the five element theory, we see that the Earth (Spleen) may be weak (phlegm-damp coming from poor digestion, etc.) and not supporting Metal (Lung) resulting in an Asthmatic condition.

Using the chart below and the example of Phlegm-Damp type Asthma, Five Element theory would suggest eating foods which strengthen the Metal (Lung), Earth (Spleen) and Fire (Heart) Elements. From the chart one would choose a majority of foods from the Metal grouping.. An example of food choices, with functions from Paul Pitchford’s Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition (book is listed in the resource tab) would be:


Brown Rice – increases qi, strengthens spleen

Navy Beans – sweet flavor, benefits the lungs and spleen (both aspects of the metal element)

Almonds – relieve stagnant qi of the lungs, transform phlegm

Mustard Greens – influence lungs, clear chest congestion, improve energy circulation

Onions – resolves phlegm and inflammations of the upper respiratory system

Radish – transforms phlegm

Pear – affects the lungs, eliminates phlegm

Avoid – dairy (which may add mucus/phlegm), meat (which may weaken the spleen) and sweeteners (which may weaken the spleen and contribute to dampness)

This information is intended to provide basic theory, getting a personal guild is recommended.

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