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Pain Management For VA

It is very rewarding to be serving the Veterans. Please call if you have any questions about the process below.

Roseville Acupuncture is contracted with the Veteran's Affairs (VA) / TriWest to treat any type of pain. This includes: soft tissue injuries, chronic pain conditions, inflammation, nerve damage, scar tissue, recent and old aches and pains. These issues didn't have to happened while serving. You could be dealing with health issues that happened after retirement from the service.


To come in for treatment and have it covered, you need to be authorized. Re-authorization for additional treatments is much faster. You do not owe anything for these visits, they are completely covered by the VA.


To be authorized for visits, follow these simple steps:


1) Visit your VA doctor. It can be your primary (PCP) doctor or a specialist that is helping manage your pain.

You can also call 866-606-8198 and they can walk you through the process.


2) Request to get acupuncture for your condition at Roseville Acupuncture with Cheryl Boston. This can be submitted along with the initial request or when TriWest contacts you for scheduling.

Thank you for your service. Looking forward to serving you!

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