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Basic Guild lines to enhance Fertility for woman


No coffee! It decreases micro-circulation, which can affect the uterus blood supply. You can substitute green tea but only two cups a day. Other herbal calming teas are good as well.



This is a no! It is a poison to the liver which can make it harder to make estrogen. No smoking because it alters fallopian tube function which in turn seems to destroy eggs.



Moderation is the key here. Walking is good. Too much exercise decreases fat stores, which will decrease hormone supply.



This will vary from person to person but some good rules are bone broth every day, healthy fats like olive oil, avocados, and coconut oil. Raw veggies are too cold for most people so cook them. Soy is not recommended because it blocks estrogen receptors sites.



A food based prenatal with methlat 5 instead of folic acid. Probiotic that will help with food absorption and some studies show that it also helps to prevent colic, allergies, and eczema in babies.



This is a common deficiency in woman. If basal body temperature drops below 97.5 it may be an indication of thyroid issues. A TSH. T3, T4, TPO and TgAB blood work is recommended for all woman trying to conceive.

Basal Body Temperature

One good way to track if you are ovulating is by taking the body temperature (BBT). You do this each morning before moving or getting out of bed, at the exact same time and record it in an app, there are a few on the market and some are free. The BBT will jump markedly higher once the ovulation occurs. Three consecutive days with the temperature at least .4 degrees higher than it previously was generally means that ovulation has occurred. The problem is that it is not possible to know if ovulation has occurred until several days afterward. Ovulation can be confirmed with an ovulation kit, this measures the luteinizing hormone (LH), which surges just before the egg is ready to be released. Most times it is easiest to use the test. The charts are still good to keep because they tell a lot about your cycle.


Moxa Sticks

This comes in handy if you have been diagnosed with cold in the uterus. This can happen from many different reasons. You want to moxa the lower abdomen for 10mins after menses has stopped up to ovulation. Holing the stick 2inches away from the skin and keep it moving slowly across the lower abdomen. This is a good thing to do during the first trimester. I keep these in the office, remember to ask for one.



This is a vaginal lubricant that helps with pregnancy, it makes it easier for the sperm to swim up the vaginal canal. It can be ordered from Amazon or Target.

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